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So you're probably asking....what the Heck is a "Swhetto Shop"...?  Well as a young adult, I lived in the housing projects aka the ghetto.  It was a part of my upbringing that taught me so much.  But in my current life, I have migrated to the swamp...literally.  At both locations, I lived a very simple life and I appreciate both for what they've given me.  Thus the name "swhetto" - when swamp meets ghetto..hahaha. 

The Swhetto Shop is a way for me to "recycle" my personal clothing to someone else who might have fun wearing it and all the while, raising money for the rescue and the dogs. I guess in my infinite wisdom, I've decided to live "light" and just get down to the bare minimum as far as my living situation goes.  I live in a "shack in the swamp" with just me and my dogs.

This t-shirt is a one of a kind in the sense that it belongs to me personally. Animal Planet gave it to me back when we first started the show so it's like...10 years old!!  Practically vintage...hahahaha.  I"ve worn it on our TV show and it's coming out of my personal closet, being washed by me (gotta get the dog smell out of it, right?)  I am also including a signed "thank you" card from me to you for making this purchase.  Despite any stains or rips in the clothing, I HAVE washed them and they will be smelling good!  This particular shirt is a LARGE.  If only this shirt could talk....the stories it would have to tell........

All sales on my Swhetto Shop items are FINAL.  

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.

Thank you so much for all your support as each purchase makes all the difference in the world for each and every dog at VRC.