POSTCARD - Personally signed (from me to you) by Tia Torres - Woman's Best Friend


In honor of those that started Villalobos Rescue Center, I am signing these cards as my way of paying homage to the wolves and wolf hybrids of Villalobos past and present.  Our premiere episode "Village of Wolves" for our 10 year in production, brings us full circle back to those memories that are so near and dear to my family's hearts. 

All funds raised by the sale of this postcard will go directly to our new "Village of Wolves" that are now a part of our pack. Since these dogs will be with us forever, your donations will go a long way to making their lives better than what they had to live in for all these past years.

Bruno and I (pictured as Little Red Ridinghood) cannot thank you enough and may your life be blessed with many more "howls" to come.  I will sign each card to you personally (whoever's name is on the order). If you want it signed to someone else, please email me at: and state who you want it signed to.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for this item to be mailed (Currently I am the only one handling the merchandise orders) but I will absolutely do my best to get it out to you asap!