• Jewelry - Wolf Eye Necklace


    Definitely the creepiest yet coolest piece in my "Woman's Best Friend" jewelry line.

    Inspired by one of our wolf dogs, Rollo, this "wolf eye" design is probably the most mystical piece I have.  When I wear it, people do a double take because it is truly THAT captivating.  Feeling the "spirit of the wolf", this design will give you the insight you need, to get thru each day.  

    The length is about 24 inches and I'm loving the black chain! And as always, before packing and shipping, each piece will be hung outside in the swamp for the night so that the magick of the bayou travels with it and into your home. 

    With each order of my "Woman's Best Friend" jewelry items, I will also send out a signed "thank you" as a token of my appreciation in your support for our organization and helping to take care of our dogs.


    PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. (Currently, I'm having to pack/ship on my own until I can get more help) But of course I will do my best to get it out asap.

    From the swamp to your door....