• Apparel - Woman's Best Friend t-shirt


    WOMAN'S BEST FRIEND is my newly formed non-profit organization.  The mission behind this unique program is to give women  strength and independence through the magic of dogs.  The newly acquired facility is being set up (as you read this) where a group of our most adoptable dogs will be housed and prepared for their new homes.  The women of "WBF" will assist in the care and training dog these dogs all the while working on self-help, life skills, any job training needed to help them achieve their personal goals.

     The design on this hoodie represents the merging of the original "dog"; the wolf and one of my many alter egos, Little Red Riding Hood.  But in my story, Lil' Red and the "big good wolf" merge together as one and together as a "pack", both woman and woman's best friend will bring out the "wild spirit" in you.  

    Sizes 2XL - 4XL are $5 extra due to manufacturers costs to me.


    Sidenote:  The "wolf" featured on this design, is "Bruno" who was on the episode of our show called "Village of Wolves"